Jacksonville Home Maintenance is definitely unique. For most homeowners, seasonal transitions are often a reminder to ready their home for upcoming weather changes. From preparing for freezing temperatures to cleaning up fall foliage, home maintenance tips are usually centered around seasonal climate changes. However, because of our mild climate here in Jacksonville, we don’t quite experience seasonal changes like other parts of the country—even if we like to pretend we do by throwing on our boots and scarves as soon as the temperature drops below 80. But just because we don’t experience drastic weather changes doesn’t mean we shouldn’t take seasonal home maintenance seriously.

Performing regular home maintenance can help you avoid costly future repairs, increase efficiency, and keep your family safe. While maintaining your Jacksonville home might seem daunting and time-consuming, it doesn’t have to be. By using the following seasonal Florida home maintenance checklist as a guide, you can more easily manage your to-do list by completing essential tasks throughout the year.

Monthly Florida Home Maintenance To-dos

  • Replace air filters
  • Test smoke detectors and other safety devices
  • Run water through all sinks, toilets, showers, and tubs
  • Wipe down your appliances
  • Walk the exterior of your home and inspect for gaps and damage
  • Check for and guard against pests

Biannual Florida Home Maintenance To-dos

  • Clean your gutters*
  • Thoroughly inspect your roof* (Contact our sister company, E2 ROOFING for help with this)
  • Service your HVAC*
  • Change the direction of your ceiling fans**
  • Deep clean your entire home
  • Vacuum your refrigerator coils
  • Inspect and test the sump pump

*Recommend during spring and fall
**Recommended during summer and winter

Annual Florida Home Maintenance To-dos

  • Replace batteries in all smoke detectors and safety devices
  • Update and replenish first aid and disaster supply kits
  • Pressure wash the exterior of your home
  • Clean dryer vent
  • Drain the hot water heater
  • Trim trees
  • Inspect foundation, sidewalks, steps, and driveway for cracks or damage
  • Replace outdoor light bulbs or batteries
  • Check windows and doors and add weather stripping as needed
  • Service your lawn care equipment

As you check off your home maintenance to-dos, you might find your home improvement checklist growing. If your home repairs have you thinking about your home remodeling goals, contact Elizabeth Evans Custom Homes. As your Jacksonville remodeling and custom home building experts, we are ready to assist you with your next project.


**With all home maintenance items, please take proper safety precautions and hire professionals when necessary for tasks unsafe to perform on your own.