Our introductory call or meeting with you is when we discuss the steps we will take while creating your future home. This is also when you tell us what style, home size, and layout you want, as well as your budget, and the predicted budget for the site you are looking to purchase. 

Once we have a clear picture of what you want, your budget, and the site’s predicted budget, our team will create a proposal for the whole scope of your project. This will outline everything so you will understand the process every step of the way.

We will meet with you in person to discuss everything on the proposal and ensure you don’t have any outstanding questions. This is also when we sign the proposal to authorize the whole scope of work, as well as take care of the deposit, before we begin.

Once you have signed the proposal, our designer will meet with you to confirm the styles and models you would like your new custom house to have. After receiving this information from you, they will craft the house plans, including floor and site plans. Then they will get your approval so that work can begin once the land is purchased.

We give our customers the option to purchase the land they want their custom home to be built on by themselves, or we have a team that can help you buy the land.

After the land is purchased, you and our team at EECH will meet with an engineer to go over the scope of work and have them sign documentation.

Our project manager will develop a timeline for the project. When preparing to construct a new house, keep in mind that our team will need a few more weeks after this first part of the project to craft the plans and obtain the permits that will be required. After the engineering team signs off on the documentation, we must submit the documents to authorities for approval. We can’t always predict the construction timeline for building a house during this time, as permitting depends on how busy the office is and can lead to slowdowns.

Once we are ready to start construction, you will be assigned a project team to help guide you through the process, so you are always in the loop. Your project team and you will have a pre-construction meeting to define all the details, even down to the small ones like the light switch and power outlet placement.

Throughout the building phase, local authorities will perform various home inspections to ensure standards are met. Though we can’t give a definite answer on how long it takes to build your custom home, our project team will keep you up to date on the timeline, and if there is a delay they will notify you. They will even try to speed up the process whenever possible, while ensuring your new home meets standards.

After the construction process is completed, our professional design team will implement the final touches. Your custom home will undergo one last inspection to obtain the needed certificate. After this, your custom dream home will be ready for you to move in.

Our job is not done when the construction is completed and the estimated time frame to build your new home ends. Our team will sit down with you and discuss the full details of what is covered under your warranty for your brand-new home.