Following a spring home maintenance checklist can help Jacksonville homeowners keep their homes in good condition.

While not one of the most exciting aspects of homeownership, maintaining a home is one of the most critical. Regular home maintenance not only keeps your home looking its best, but it also keeps it running its best. Although most people associate this time of the year with spring cleaning, spring home maintenance goes beyond cleaning out your closets.

Here are 10 spring home maintenance tips to ensure your home is ready for the warmer months ahead. 

  1. Tend to your Lawn and Landscaping
    Nothing says spring quite like the first lawn mow of the season. Now is also the perfect time to clear debris from your yard, trim overgrown trees and bushes, and plant new gardens.
  2. Check your Equipment
    As you tend to your yard, check your lawn equipment, such as mowers and trimers, to ensure they are in working condition. There’s nothing worse than beginning a landscaping project and realizing your equipment is out of order.
  3. Clean the Exterior
    The milder temperatures that come with spring provide an excellent opportunity to spend a day cleaning your home’s exterior. Use a power washer (or hire a professional) to remove the dirt and grime that have accumulated over the last year—or years. (We’re not judging.)
  4. Repair your Deck
    Before you host your next social gathering, inspect your deck for damage. Look for loose or warped boards, rusty nails, or broken railings. If your deck is looking warn, now is also the time to clean, stain, and reseal it—especially before the summer storms hit. 
  5. Monitor Water Drainage
    Speaking of rain, as we enter into the wetter months of the year, pay close attention to how water collects and drains on your property. Seek the assistance of a professional if you notice pools of water or water draining toward your house.
  6. Prep your Pool
    Warmer days ahead mean more time at the pool. Even if you kept your pool in use during the winter, your pool’s spring maintenance should include an equipment check and a thorough cleaning.
  7. Inspect your Roof
    Look for broken or missing shingles as they can leave your home exposed to the elements, causing significant damage. By taking the time to maintain your roof, you can extend its life and catch problems before they become significant issues. A professional, such as our roofing division, Elizabeth Evans Roofing, can help with your regular roof maintenance.
  8. Clean your Gutters
  9. Birds are notorious for making nests in gutters during spring, which can clog them. Clogs can cause drainage issues, which can lead to water infiltration and roof damage. Carefully remove any debris in and around your gutters to ensure water can easily flow through.
  10. Service your HVAC
    Having a professional evaluate your HVAC system should be a standard part of your spring home maintenance. This will ensure it is working efficiently before the heat of summer.
  11. Declutter and Organize
    While spring is a great time to maintain your home’s exterior, use this time to focus on the interior of your home as well. Incorporating decluttering and organizing as part of your seasonal home maintenance plan will help the task be more manageable and less overwhelming throughout the year.

Planning Ahead
In addition to tackling spring home maintenance, now is a great time to plan any home remodeling project you want to complete this year. Whether your plans include a kitchen remodel, bathroom renovation, outdoor living space upgrade, or even a custom-built home, the Elizabeth Evans Custom Homes team is ready to help. Start preparing for your next project by contacting us today.